Prior Lake Monster Deck

This customer had recently bought their dream property and wanted to make the newest addition to truly making it their own. So they had us build them a MONSTER deck. This deck has a footprint that is larger than many homes’ footprints at approximately 70’x30.’ Not just any deck builder has the skill, integrity, and manpower to build a beast such as this!

Built To Last

For many larger decks, it is not as simple as just building a structure with 2×10’s and 6×6’s. For this project, before anything even kicked off we had detailed architectural plans engineered by a structural engineer and spent a lot of time brainstorming and planning on how to best build this beast so that it looked beautiful and will stand the test of time.

Fit For The Seasons

In the future, this deck will have a 3 seasons living space underneath it. In preparation for that, we installed Trex Rain escapes waterproofing underneath the decking and a gutter system to ensure the space is watertight underneath the deck. The decking on top was Trex decking with dividers and a picture frame outline to make everything look uniform. The railing was Westbury C-10 Aluminum railing. Another unique touch on this project was to add outlets along with the deck’s exterior posts for future use of electricity for the homeowner’s entertainment purposes!


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