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Many customers want to remodel their home, but don’t know the step by step process of how you get from your project as it stands, to a freshly remodeled space. Furthermore, most contractors sign a contract with their customers, and then don’t explain the step by step process, leaving their customers filled with anxiety. We have a documented step by step process from start to finish so you can know exactly how your project is going to go.

16 Simple Steps


(1) Scheduling

  • Call (612) 735-0878 or EMAIL and we will respond within 24 hours to book a free consultation.
  • We have appointments available Wednesday’s & Friday’s, first come, first serve.

(2) Shared Vision

  • Once a representative has arrived at your home for the consultation you will share with him/her your vision for your project.

(3) Financing

  • After we have discussed your project, we will discuss your ballpark budget for the and if need be, help point you in the right direction for financing your project.

(4) Ballpark Pricing

  • At the time of the first meeting (the estimate) we will schedule a time with you to go over your detailed, line itemized ballpark estimate via phone, video conference or in person.

(5) Proposal

  • We will do an in person proposal (PHONE, VIDEO CONFERENCE, FACE TO FACE) to go over the ballpark estimate, during this time, we will make changes to the scope as needed, answer any questions you may have and revise the bid if need be.

(6) Design Agreement

  • If you are comfortable with the ballpark price a design agreement in which you would sign and pay a total of 1-5% of the ballpark price will be collected in order to move forward.
  • Most contractors sign contracts based off ballpark estimates, riddled with allowances such as materials allowances, subcontractor allowances etc. Resulting in many times not getting the end product you were envisioning or paying substantially more than the original price. We believe that is unethical.  We completely design the project with the customer including 3D concept designs, materials selections, firm materials pricing, and subcontractor pricing before we sign a contract. This ensures that you know exactly what you are getting and exactly what you are going to pay before the project ever starts.
  • Signing the design agreement also locks down a tentative spot on the schedule for you!

(7) Firm Price

  • After the design agreement is signed and we have confirmed all selections, materials and subcontractor prices we will present to you the firm bid.

(8) Contract Signing

  • After the firm price is given, if you wish to, you would sign the contract and we would collect 50% down payment.

(9) Confirm Selections

  • After the contract is signed we confirm all selection materials such as flooring, tile, paint colors etc.

(10) Share Calendar

  • We will share a shared calendar with you showing you what the plan for each day is on your project, so you can plan ahead.

(11) Trade Partner Scheduling

  • We have all parties who will be working on the project meet on site at once with the homeowner so client can get to know trade partners and can discuss logistics on the job, scheduling etc.

12) Project Walkthrough

  • On the first day of construction, the Iron & Oak team and the homeowners do a walkthrough of the full scope of work on the project.

(13) Project Commencement/Demo Party

  • If the customer desires, they can take the first swing at the demo!

(14) Open House Party

  • If the customer chooses to, we will throw a party with all expenses paid by Iron & Oak showcasing your newly remodeled space!

15) Move In

  • Customers get to move back into their space

(16) 1-Year Anniversary

  • One year after your completed project, if need be, we will come back to make sure everything is still functioning properly!

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