Referral Program

We understand the importance of creating lasting relationships with our clients. Not only do we aim for you to not ever have to deal with the painful process of calling contractors, scheduling estimates and waiting for quotes again, but we don’t want your friends or family to deal with that ever again either.

We also want to reward our customers for referring us work, as we know referrals is the most solid type of work we can get. If you refer us a customer, the following will apply.

A) $50 cash for a job at or under $1,000 and $15 for every extra $1,000 on a job

This means that if you refer us to a $50,000 remodel and the customer signs, you get $785! That is a lot of money for simply mentioning our name!

B) 5% off your next bid from Iron & Oak

Have a Referal in mind? Leave their info here, if we get the job, cash is coming your way.

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