Edina Cedar Redeck

This customer came to us with an increasingly difficult task to outsource professionally. She wanted her existing cedar deck to be “redecked” or resurfaced. The reason why this is difficult in today’s remodeling climate is, it isn’t a big-ticket item compared to building a whole new deck, or at least replacing it with composite. This leads to many times customers having a difficult time finding qualified professionals to do this type of job. We can handle any type of deck resurfacing project whether that be new cedar or maintenance-free decking.

Inspection of Structural Integrity

For every resurface project we do, after we remove the old material from the deck, we ensure that the existing deck doesn’t have any major structural defects that will lead to the deck being unsafe or not to code. In this case, there was improper joist spacing, some rotted stair stringers, and the connection to the house needed to be shored up.

The Natural Beauty of Natural Wood

After the structural concerns were taken care of, we outfitted this deck with new cedar boards and new dividers. We feel that most of the time, dividers rather than lacing, make the deck look more professional and inviting. We then added a new cedar railing with a 6″ Top drink rail. Although maintenance-free decking is all the craze in the decking world right now, there is something undeniably beautiful about a well-kept, cedar deck.

Based on a recommendation from a friend, we hired Iron and Oak to update our deck. We couldn’t be happier! They were very easy to work with and their workmanship was excellent. Everything was done in a timely manner. We would recommend them and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future.

Steve H.


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