Custom Wood Products

Walnut River Coffee Table

Many times we finish a remodel and the customer needs to outfit the space with new furniture and décor. We can make custom coffee, dining room end tables, and more. This particular project was a “river table” in which we used a live edge piece of walnut and mixed a custom epoxy color to accent the richness and boldness of the wood.


Picking The Wood

The first step to any table project or custom wood project is picking out the wood. We can certainly pick for you, but our customers generally use this service with us for how involved and intimate they can be in the process. You can meet with us at a variety of our specialty wood product suppliers and handpick out your wood for your project. It’s pretty cool to see a slab of wood go from the rough, raw unfinished material, to a beautiful, finished piece.

Choosing The Design


Next, you will choose the design of the table itself. Do you want it to be the standard river with epoxy going down the middle? Or do you want something a little more unique? How about epoxy color, there are so many options for customization and that’s why we love doing these tables so much! The possibilities are endless! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see a more detailed description of the process!




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