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Hotel Ivy Full Condo Remodel

This project was truly unique. Although it may not be everyone’s taste. It really shows we mean it when we say we try to make our customer’s personalities come to life in the spaces we remodel! This project really shows our elite craftsmasnhip!


A Custom Touch Everywhere

This project truly had a custom touch on nearly every square inch of the total property. Antique gold ceiling tyles, velvet victorian wallpaper, custom wood veneer paneling, refinished hardwood floors. You name it.

Not Just Anyone Can Do This

Again, this project may not be your cup of tea. But we know that anyone who looks at this can understand that not just anyone can pull a remodel of this nature off to this ability. If you really want your space to well crafted with structural integrity, and elite craftsmanship we are the team for you!

By far the BEST remodeling I’ve ever had done. And the nicest guys to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone!

Kim C.

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Hotel Ivy Full Condo Remodel


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