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Hotel Ivy Bathroom Remodel

This portion of the project was part of a larger remodel in a condo at the Hotel Ivy, the customer wanted his home to look like that of a 1960’s James Bond. With his input and our design team, we think we executed his vision perfectly!

This bathroom is LOADED with custom features as every square inch other than the tub insert itself is nothing like what it was previous to our team working there. Below are just some of the listed features.

  • Custom gold Venetian plaster on walls and ceilings
  • Spanish Marble Tile with black onyx border
  • Custom inset gold metal outlining the black onyx
  • Brazillian Granite countertops
  • LED rain head and faucets that turn green when lukewarm, blue when cold, and red when hot
  • Gold Fixtures and hardware throughout
  • New custom niche installed in the bathroom
  • New custom frameless glass window and door in shower
  • Rain head shower head along with handheld and body jets
  • Custom Vanity Mirror with a  TV built into it
  • New lighting throughout
  • Refinished cabinetry throughout
  • Custom Surround sound speakers installed


Custom Tile

We are capable of doing even the most intricate of tile jobs. Every type of stone and tile has different properties and best practices when using them. We are knowledgeable of them all! In this specific project, we used Spanish marble and black onyx. Marble is a very beautiful, natural stone but needs to be treated very delicately when installing. We kept a relatively simple style with the marble, allowing its natural beauty to shine through, and dressed it up with the rich, handsome black onyx outlined in gold.

Bathtub Details

The bathtub in this bathroom is actually the only thing we kept original. Although we did change out the fixtures and hardware, it was in perfectly good shape so the homeowner decided to keep it and redo the surround in that beautiful Spanish marble.

Glass Shower

Custom frameless glass brings so much sophistication to any bathroom. Imagine this bathroom without the glass shower and just a regular shower curtain, it WOULD NOT WORK.

Double Sink

We installed new sinks and faucets on this beautiful vanity topped with Brazilian granite. The pictures don’t do it justice, but the gold flake, and complexity in this stone are jaw-dropping. We finished the vanity off with the LED temperature gauged faucets and custom mirror with a TV in it. Yes, you read that right, a mirror with a tv in it!

We hired Iron and Oak to help us with some core components of our kitchen remodel (structural engineering, plumbing, electrical, hvac, etc). They were professional from start to finish, had excellent project management, and were very responsive about resolving the one drywalling issue we encountered.

We would recommend them to anyone, and would work with them again. Follow us on Instagram at @jolt.home to see how it turned out ;-).

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