What to expect when working with us

At Iron & Oak Premier Remodeling, we’ve managed our entire company around hard work, quality craftsmanship, integrity, simplicity, and transparency to that end we are good guys, doing good work.

We take pride in our process. The owners of the business will have their hands on the project on a daily basis rather than signing the job and passing the work onto subcontractors or through a loophole of employees.

1: Price our work on a labor + material + Overhead/operation cost basis, fully disclosed to our clients.

2: Use only the best subcontractors when needed. Never leaving a customer weary of the quality of their project or the person in their home.

3: Bill fairly, our payment schedules are devised around the time the project is estimated to take along with the amount needed to schedule, order materials and schedule subs if needed.

4: Believe in 100% communication. Every day you will be briefed on what the plan is for the day, what is to be done that week and any other items relating to the project, never leaving a homeowner wondering what’s coming next or how something will be done.

5: Believe our quality of work and person speaks for itself. We won’t be pushy salesman or try to coerce you into anything. Our job is to show you the quality we can add to your life by adding improvement to your home.

At Iron & Oak Premier Remodeling we specialize in the enhancements that will allow you to enjoy your home for many years to come. Please consider Iron & Oak Premier Remodeling if you are thinking about updating your basement, kitchen, bathroom, deck, porch, addition, tile work, cabinets, trim work, wIndows, doors, siding, roofing, framing, garages, wood fences, home optimization, design or if you want to do a full home remodel.