The Iron & Oak difference


1: Scheduling:

Call (612) 735-0878 or E-Mail us and we will respond within 24 hours (except for holidays and weekends) to book a free consultation.

We have appointments available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 8am and 6:15 pm. *other appointments possible as well.  

2: Shared Vision:

Once a representative has arrived at your home for the consultation you will have a shared vision in which you discuss the following. 

What are the most important qualities you look for in a contractor? 

Why are you doing this project? 

The type of customer we typically work with. 

This helps us ensure we are a correct fit for each other and don’t waste anyone’s precious time! 

3: Project Visit 

If both parties agree that you may be a good fit with each other, then a representative from Iron & oak will look at your project and discuss the scope of work in detail with you. 

4: Financing: 

After we have discussed fit, and the scope of work we are able to point you in the right direction for funding of the project (note we don’t offer financing but have good contacts to people who do) 

5: Ballpark Pricing: 

Within a week of step 3, we will provide you with a ballpark price on the project. 

6. Design Agreement 

If you are comfortable with the ballpark price a design agreement will be signed in which 1-5% of the total ballpark pricing amount will be collected in order to move forward. 

7: Trade Partner firm bids, selection overview: 

After the design agreement is completed, Trade partners will be scheduled to get firm bids on the scope of work 

Iron & Oak Representative will do a brief overview of selected materials to get an idea of selection allowances. 

8.Quote Price: 

After we have received firm bids from vendors and trade partners, we will prepare a firm quote. 

9: Review Designs/Scope: 

After you’ve reviewed the quote, we will review the designs and scope of work. 

10.Contract Signing: 

The contract is signed, down payment is paid. 

11. Confirm Selections: 

Select all finish materials on the project 

12.Schedule Tentative Project Start and End Date: 

13. Trade Partner Scheduling: 

Meeting between Iron & Oak Project manager, Client, and Trade Partners so the client can get to known Trade Partners and can discuss logistics on the job, scheduling of each trade, etc. 

14. Project Walkthrough: 

Project manager and crew will do a walkthrough on jobs entire scope of work 

15: Project Commencement/Demo Party: 

The homeowner gets to do first swings of the demo on the project, the project starts 

16: Open House Party:

Invite neighbors, families, friends to come to see your newly completed project 

17: Move-in 

18: 1-year Anniversary: 

One year after your completed project, we will come back to make sure everything is still functioning properly. 

We show up on time, we work hard. 

We treat every home as if it were our own and respect your property. 

High-quality craftsmanship and elite customer service.