We are the Twin Cities Premier Custom, High-End remodeler specializing in artful, unique spaces. We specialize in kitchens, basements, bathrooms, full house remodels, decks, and custom wood products such as custom barn doors, river tables, wood beams, and mantles.

There isn’t a much better workday than building a deck on a beautiful spring, summer, or fall day. Our owner Doug has built hundreds of decks and he’s built them well. On the ground or 10 feet off the ground, attached or detached, cedar or composite, single-tiered or multi-level, benches, whatever it is we can build it for you!

Tile Work
Our tile work is exceptional. Just ask our customers. We pay extreme attention to every nook and cranny and work on every project as if it were our own home. Every line straight, equal spacing, level tiles, and a finish that will last. All of our showers on a second floor or higher are thoroughly waterproofed and properly sloped. Our grout will stand the test of time and not discolor.

Need some extra space and have already maxed out your current homes living potential? It may be time for an addition. We are experienced in building additions and maximizing livable space while constructing a beautiful design that not only looks good from the inside but the outside too. From 4 seasons porch to a whole wing added to a home, we can do it, we have done it, and we can do it well.

Bathrooms are usually one of the first places in the home to show wear and tear. A bathroom remodel is one of the best things you can do to invest in your home and increase its value. By adding more efficient plumbing, possibly windows, heating, and cooling elements, and the electricity you will save monthly cash, you will also know that your home will sell for more when or if that time comes. Not to mention the benefit of really customizing a space from your imagination is fun and makes your home feel more like home.

Framing is the foundation of the building (other than the actual foundation). Our owner started in framing and has immense knowledge of framing, and framing code, ensuring that whatever it is you’re building will serve its purpose, look good, and of course be structurally sound.

An impressive front entry to your home is arguably the most important part of curb appeal. Enhanced curb appeal always adds value to the home. The most dramatic change to a home’s entrance is a covered porch. Our front entryways are designed with a stylistic architecture that beautifully compliments the home.

We are experienced in installing new railings of all sorts of materials both exterior and interior. The stair railing, deck railing. No matter the kind, we can do it.

A beautiful wood staircase is a great focal point to a home. Hire an experienced professional like us to complete this very complimentary, but tedious accent to your home.

Need a place to store your toys? Or simply a place to keep your go-getter out of the cold? We can build any garage from most simple, to extravagant.

Windows not only add beauty to the home but keep out moisture, mold, and cold from a home. a home’s biggest enemy is moisture and if your windows are out of date or not in good shape it’s only a matter of time until moisture wreaks its havoc. Hire us to protect your home.

Siding is arguably the #1 factor when it comes to curb appeal and curb appeal is arguably the #1 factor in a home selling. We can bring any siding ideas to life.

It may not be the most fun part of home remodeling, but a solid, waterproof roof is key to protecting everything underneath that roof. Iron & Oak can take care of all of your roofing needs.

Wood Fences
Trying to keep something in, or out? Either way, we can build a custom, beautiful wood fence to meet your needs.

Want to remodel something but can’t decide on how exactly it’s going to look? Or just want to see your plan on paper? We can design your project for you!

One of the primary factors in taking a room from basic to beautiful and crafty is its trim and molding. One of the simplest ways to upgrade a room is to beef up the trim, adding width and height to the trim. It adds depth to the walls and gives it a nice facelift without breaking the bank.

Just like an old car that continually breaks down or just can’t keep up with modern times, sometimes cabinets should be replaced rather than refinished. If that’s the case for you and your home, we have the utmost attention to detail and experience for installing your cabinets.

Finishing or remodeling a basement can add immense value to a home as well as value to your life. Whether the man cave, a space for all, or the kid’s haven, we can build you the below-grade space you desire.

Full-Scale Remodels
As you can probably tell, if we can do all of these other services, we can do full scale remodels. We are knowledgeable of every aspect of building and there is no residential task we can’t conquer.

Front doors, sliding glass doors, doors with a sidelight, french doors, barn doors, bifold doors, regular interior doors. We can install any door you can think of.

Full home build
Although we are not considered “home builders” such as the type you’d see putting up full developments. Our owners have experience in full home builds and more than enough knowledge to tackle the job. Give us a shot and you’ll be glad you gave us the opportunity to build your home!