Jake Blumer

Describe Your Construction Experience

I started swinging hammers with Doug as a subcontractor in 2014 when needed a summer job out of college. I was thrown into the remodeling world head first. We did all sorts of projects just as we do now! Framing, decks, basements, kitchens, bathrooms you name it! I then moved in to working in sales and marketing for another general contractor. I also did a lot of customer service/management and enjoyed all of my work there very much. January of 2018 Doug and I agreed that the best next step for our futures and the market was to start our own remodeling company and here we are!

What is most Fulfilling to you in this line of work?

Whenever I know that my customer 100% trusts me is the most fulfilling thing for me in this business. I do everything I can to make sure that my customer is 100% comfortable with me and my company before we start the process. I know that many customers have been trained to be weary of contractors, but we started this business because we wanted to stand out above all of the shady contractors. From the first meeting to the finished product, nothing is more fulfilling than a customer trusting you along the process.

What Makes you Unique in this line of business

There are a lot of people in the industry that can do the work very well, but many don’t understand the other side of the business. The communication, the courteousness, being prompt, making sure customers have what they need, etc. Doug is the craftsman, I am the communicator, scheduler and for lack of a better term “care taker.” I try my best to make the entire remodeling process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for my clients.

What do you enjoy outside of Iron & Oak?

I am a Christian man and enjoy pursuing the lord. I love the pursuit of becoming a better person. To me that means the pursuit of the Lord, knowledge, love and fitness. If I’m not at work I am probably at the gym, at church, reading, or with my Girlfriend.