Doug Holman

Describe your Construction Experience

I have been working with my hands basically since I knew how to use them. My dad was very mechanically savvy and had me help him with everything. I also grew up in a farming family and there are always projects to do, from a very young age I was helping around the farm and helping with various construction projects. I started working with a framing company, after I was no longer an active marine, when I was 22 and it came naturally for me. I worked in framing for multiple years, then worked multiple years specifically in each subcategory of carpentry such as trim, tile, drywall, flooring etc. I’ve been working as a remodeling subcontractor until starting Iron & oak. I have over 23 years of carpentry experience and am knowledgeable of the building process from the ground up.

What is most fulfilling to you in this line of work

When a customer is 100% satisfied with my work. I put every ounce of my energy into attention to detail, and craftsmanship. I’m very picky, so if I wouldn’t like something done in my home, I wouldn’t do it in yours. I treat every job as If it is a million-dollar job and my reputation depends upon it. When you put that much into something and the homeowner recognizes it, that’s what it’s all about.

What Makes you Unique in this line of Business

I know every aspect of the building and remodeling process and am very competent in all those areas.  Over 23 years of running jobsites and projects and swinging hammers has made me an expert carpenter and problem solver. I am very straight forward, and honest. Although I want you to have the best experience possible and commit myself to that pursuit, sometimes unexpected situations arise, and homeowners need to know that, there is no point in sugarcoating any situation. Past homeowners have really appreciated that about me. I’m a no nonsense, get the job done kind of guy.

What do you enjoy outside of Iron & Oak?

I am a family man and a Christian. If I’m not at work I’m probably with my family either attending my kids school events, going on dates with my wife etc. I also love the outdoors and grew up in the country and get out fishing and hunting as much as I can. During the fall/winter every Sunday you’ll find me on the couch watching the Vikes.