Basement on a Budget?

No matter what we are always looking for extra space in our homes. Maximizing storage and livable space is just about everybody’s priority when it comes to their living space. Even tiny homers strategically design their homes to allow for maximum space and efficiency. Most times, valuable space can be found in the basement. The problem is sometimes fully developing a basement can be costly. Framing, flooring, painting, mechanical, finishes and décor all add up.

There are always more cost-effective ways to enhance your below grade space. Partially remodeling your basement can add livable space, storage, comfort and style to your home. Here’s how to do it.

1.Exposed Ceilings: This is one of the more intelligent ways to save money on your basement. First, not every home has the advantage of high ceilings and most prefer having every inch of height possible. Keeping the ceiling joists open and painting them a bold color like black creates the illusion of depth and height, helping the ceiling become less noticeable. This is a trick many hip restaurants and coffee shops are using. This adds another cost saving advantage of having wiring available to electricians without having to cut holes in the ceiling.

2. Alternative Wall Coverings: Have clean concrete foundation walls? Think about leaving some of the walls uncovered while giving them a facelift with a few coats of white paint. How about stainless sheet metal? Try an OSB accent wall. Although unconventional. The trick is to make is a decent part of whatever wall you are installing it to and mix it with other textures to make it look like its supposed to be there.

3. Paint It White: Windows, especially egress ones, are expensive. Try painting all the walls white to create the illusion of light. Instead of painting the ceilings dark, maybe paint them white as well to make it hard to tell where the walls end, and the ceilings begin.

4. Install Built ins and Cabinetry: You saved all the money on not adding windows, as much drywall and not finishing the ceiling. Now what to do with some of that saved money? Install some custom built-ins for your laundry area or other basement areas.

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